LANg Yarns - Best Quality since 1860

The family business LANGYARNS now exists for 150 years, now in the 6th generation. Theodor Lang founded the company LANGYARNS approx. 1860 in Reiden in Switzerland, in the valley of the Wigger. The flow served as a source of energy for the emerging industrial enterprise and several large machines for cotton spinning. Later, in the 1890 years, the plant was electrified and a twisting was integrated into the company premises. In the course of globalization, the company grew and expanded its market worldwide. Over the years, LANGYARNS has always lived up to its high quality standards and is today one of the most important manufacturers of hand knitting yarns.

In our assortment you will also find plenty of booklets and instructions to get creative with the beautiful and high-quality wool of Langyarns. With your created masterpieces, you will certainly enjoy this wool for a long time.