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ggh Suri Alpaca - beauty and elegance: As the name suggests, this noble fiber comes from the Suris, a rare Alpaca Art. The Suri account for only 5% of the stock of alpacas. According rarely is the fiber. The hair of Suri alpacas has the smooth surface on a beautiful, silky shine. We brushed the fine hair so that it gets more volume. So you can realize a super lightweight sweater from 150 to 200g. Treat yourself to something special with a sweater from Suri alpaca. In line with the fiber we have, the color chart provided exclusively using the best colors.
Composition 100% alpaca
Care instructions handwash
Season 175 g
Weight 25 g
Needle Size (mm) 3 – 3,5
Yardage 133 m / 25 g
Tension sample (stitches) 24
Tension sample (rows) 32
Consumption (Women's sweater size M) 175 g
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